Energy Conserving Tips For Hot Summers In Australia

As summer approaches and temperatures rise in Australia, householders start thinking of ways to keep cool and curb electricity costs during the long, hot summer. Running an air conditioner on full blast in the heat will certainly keep your home cool, but it will cost a fortune in energy bills. There are several things you can do to keep cool in summer and cut down electricity usage, and for the environmentally conscious, reduce their impact on the carbon footprint.

Air Conditioners
– Ensure that the air conditioning unit is functioning at an optimum level to reduce energy costs, improve the quality of the air you breathe, and keep your home at a comfortable, cool temperature. Clean the screens, ducts, and filters regularly to enable the unit to work more effectively instead of struggling to work with debris clogging the system.

– Setting the temperature just one degree warmer than usual (24 – 25 degrees is ideal), will cut costs by approximately 10%.
– Only cool the areas that are used most and keep the rest of the home sealed, or alternate the temperature between separate units.
– Keep outdoor air conditioning equipment free of debris like leaves and dirt.
– Ensure that the air conditioner is the right size for the space it needs to cool. One that is not big enough will cause the unit to run constantly increasing wear and tear and using more energy.
– Draught-proof your home to keep refrigerated air from escaping.

Keep the Heat Out
– Keep the heat out and the cool in by using window coverings that fit snugly around window frames and blinds with light-deflecting white facing outwards. This can reduce seasonal heat exchange by 50%.
– Close windows and drapes where the sun shines in to keep heat from entering.
– When there is a breeze, open windows on both sides of the house to allow the cool air to blow through.

– Using shade coverings for windows and walls and adding extra awnings will reduce the temperature in the home by up to three degrees.
– Use trees for shade and thick shrubs and wall vines to keep the exterior of the home cool. Planting smart can cool a home by a few degrees.

– Consider using ceiling fans instead of an air conditioner to cool down your home. Fans are cheaper to run, and the moving air evaporates moisture, causing a cooling effect on the skin. This will save a tremendous amount of energy.
– Check regularly that the insulation in the ceilings and walls are in good condition. Better insulation ensures that the heat stays out and cool air stays in.
– Double glazing and tinting on windows will keep strong sunlight from increasing the temperature in your home. Exterior window blinds are not only good for heat protection, but they also increase privacy.
– Use energy efficient products like LED lights throughout the home to reduce energy consumption. Read more about level 2 electrician

There are many ways to keep cool and conserve energy during summer. Simple things like capturing a cool evening breeze and cleverly assessing which windows should be opened and access roller blinds sydney in coordination with others will let the cool air in and blow the hot air out. Another tip is to hose down the roof when the sun sets to instantly decrease the temperature of the roof interior. If you use just some of the tips above you will be cooler during summer and save money on your energy bill.